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VINO | Wine Delivery App

VINO is a concept delivery service showcasing a broad array of wines and select champagne. Showcasing romantic yet flirtatious design choices, VINO embodies the pop culture of convenience without stifling the cultural hallmarks of fine wines.


Identity & Branding, Video Concept & Editing, Product Design & App Identity





Bold, Rich & Crisp Advert

Getting back to basics, the rich heritage of cork and red wine are explored in this dynamic teaser clip. Focused imagery illustrating the concept of abundance and desire in a single glass.

Contrasting the light and airy imagery of the application, the Bold, Rick & Crisp concept pays homage to the tradition of full-bodied, intoxicating red wines.

Clean, Simple & Playful

Streamlined design allows for customers to explore an array of wine and champagne options to fit their taste profile. With crafted copy, exploring the history and flavor notes of the various libations, VINO expands the customers range and awareness of wine culture.

iphone mockup-vino.jpg

Curated Feature Pairings and Bottle Selections based on Customer Preference

Special pairings, curated collections and "wishlists" comprise feature elements of VINO's core functionality.

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