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Nilon Beaute is a New York City-based skincare brand designed to promote the rapid healing and treatment of acne and dermatological anomalies. At the core of Nilon Beaute's identity is the simple desire to deliver confidence through clarity. The messaging for Nilon Beaute resonated as modern, fresh, and forward-thinking, it felt imperative to launch the brand with sleek modern, and dynamic over abstract imagery to launch the brand into the marketplace.


Branding, Print, Digital & Web | Concept


Nilon Beaute



Clean, Brilliant, Confident and Clear

Founded with the desire to bring an innovative solution to troublesome dermatological issues that affect hundreds of millions globally.


The signature packaging element that embodies the concept of clarity at a macro scale. Cool blue tones and elemental design components create dynamic packaging sure to stand out from competitor offerings.

Web First: Shop the Look

The seamless convergence of editorial content, consumer, and market trends are illustrated via the "Shop The Look" feature. This innovative tool not only transforms user experiences but also fuels customer interest, unlocking expanded revenue potential. Each product suggestion contributes to the harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics, turning the act of shopping into an inspired journey through thoughtfully curated looks and aesthetic themes.

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Packaging &
Brand Identity

In conceptualizing the packaging for Nilon Beaute Cosmetics, my design focus was on creating a sleek canvas that would elevate the impact of the bold pigments within. The simplicity of the packaging serves as a deliberate backdrop, allowing the vibrant hues and textures of the cosmetics to take center stage. Clean lines and a sophisticated aesthetic not only embody the brand's commitment to modern elegance but also ensure that each product's bold pigments are showcased in all their vibrant glory.

Nilon Beaute Serum
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