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Chelsea-Row is an accessible luxury brand, focused on bringing current trends direct to consumer from the manufacturer. The core focus of this project was to bring a luxurious and tasteful brand image to affordably priced product.


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web





Being a direct to consumer site, the element of elevation derives from the curation of the buyer.

Chelsea-Row is a multifaceted brand that offers ready-to-wear fashion and homegoods

Brand Experience

Fun and flirtatious design choices bring a sense of romance and classic fashion ambiance to the forefront of the digital world. With curated editorial imagery featuring an assortment of lifestyle events, Chelsea spans the gamut for adventurous clientele.

User Experience & Web Design

Curating a seamless experience for the user was pinnacle for the development of the product. Infinite scroll, product suggestions, favorites, and a regularly updating product queue were incorporated to keep the client experience fresh every click of the way.

Website Design

Functionality and presentation of curated themes were at the forefront of the choice in page layout and design. Showcasing large editorial imagery for each curated collection gave the appeal of choice with an accent of adventure.

Another aspect that was pinnacle in the development of the website as a product was the use of metadata to automatically source product according to the elements of the items design and the elements of the collections geographic destination elements.

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Designing Chelsea-Row was a multi-level project. From UX/UI Design to backend fulfillment and automation, the entire project was a welcomed challenge to bring a luxury themed marketplace into fruition with a seamless experience for both the client and distributor.

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Email Marketing

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